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Re: New Naming Convention

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 19:22, Jeremy Herndon wrote:
> We have used 10 toy stoy names over a period of 10 years. That is a good
> round number and would be a logical place to start anew.

Logical?  Hmm, well, as far as I know "logic" has something to do with 
causes and effects, which I can't see here, exactly.

And - has the release team moved the release date?  IIRC this debate is 
supposed to happen less than a month before the release and claim to be of 
utmost importancy for the future of the universe^W^WDebian.

Jeremy: no hard feelings.  The last few times when a "let's change 
naming/versioning of our releases" discussion came up, it was widely agreed 
that chosing version numbers and release codenames was one of the few 
rewards for our hard-working release team.

-- vbi

(Hmmm.  Model/Actress names are now available for use, now that the scripts 
have been renamed.  Yay Debian Noemi 4.1!)

Love the sea?  I dote upon it -- from the beach.

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