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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 00:13, Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Thomas Bushnell BSG said:
> > Loïc Minier <lool+debian@via.ecp.fr> writes:

> > >  Can we get greylisting now?
> >
> > We have it, duh.  Have you not been paying attention?
> We don't have it yet.  Have you not been paying attention?  The only
> delay we have now is due to spam clogged queues and load.

Stop it right now.

alioth has greylisting.  This whole discussion has, though, never been about 
alioth.  I guess you *both* know that already since you've read the 
discussion.  So don't play silly just for the sake of it, please.

-- vbi

All computers wait at the same speed.

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