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Re: Greylisting: discussion should stop here, for now (Re: greylisting on debian.org?)

Le mar 18 juillet 2006 21:26, Thomas Bushnell BSG a écrit :
> Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> writes:
> > For the record (it was already said in the thread IIRC), the setup
> > we are discussing is in production on alioth since sth like 4 or 5
> > monthes now (maybe a bit less) on my idea, and thanks to Raphael
> > Hertzog for actually using his alioth admin hat to put it together.
> Can you document on the relevant web page exactly how the graylisting
> works and what specific things get blocked and when?

  I've already gived numbers in the thread (even graphs), for a similar 

  I don't have access to alioth logs, but the setup is world readable, 
log on alioth and read it ;) Moreover, as there is quite few valid 
aliases, alioth greylist do not takes care of the recipient in account 
for the greylisting, but only the MAIL FROM + SENDER IP, which a good 
trade off for alioth, but may not be true for DD accounts. that's the 
sole "deviation" of what has been discussed here, and is not very 
relevant to the discussion anyway.

  Technically, I don't know what you want me to say more than what is 
explained on my blog and in that thread (or in alioth's world readable 

 Moreover I don't see what value the 6 or 7 mails that you posted less 
than 1 hour ago, in the same quarter, answering to at least half of the 
most recents posts in the thread, have made the discussion make any 
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