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Re: Greylisting: discussion should stop here, for now (Re: greylisting on debian.org?)

Le mar 18 juillet 2006 13:20, Adrian von Bidder a écrit :
> Apart from the fact that the opinions seem to be set (and haven't
> really changed since the last time the discussion came up IIRC, so we
> really can stop arguing - nothing new for quite some time...): am I
> correct in my observation that nobody who has participated in this
> discussion up to now is involved in Debian email administration?  I
> had a quick look at <http://www.debian.org/intro/organization>, but I
> didn't really check all names.

For the record (it was already said in the thread IIRC), the setup we 
are discussing is in production on alioth since sth like 4 or 5 monthes 
now (maybe a bit less) on my idea, and thanks to Raphael Hertzog for 
actually using his alioth admin hat to put it together.

so as a matter of a fact, yes, I've already worked in a way so that such 
solutions can be implemented where there is reachable and listening 
people to work with.

> So even if the discussion leans in favor of greylisting on RBL
> (SBL+XBL? Or also DUL, spamcop, ...?): is there any chance of this
> getting anywhere?

I'm not sure the DSA team is a very open one, if I'm mistaken, then take 
that mail as an official application request, either for a temporary 
delegation (or for a more permanent thing) to work on implementing more 
efficient mail delivery on debian MX'es.

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