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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

Le mar 18 juillet 2006 11:51, Christian Perrier a écrit :
> > Then it would be OK to implement it. The very best would be to do
> > the same I do on my mail server, where users can individually
> > choose greylisting or not for personal mail to them, by a settings
> > file in their home directory. But if a strong majority wants
> > greylisting, it is OK to just do it on all mail (except
> > postmaster@, maybe).
> Well, if per-user settings are possible, then it would be a *very*
> valuable feature to have. That would certainly allow avoiding
> concerns like yours (or minimize them as much as possible).
> Dunno if that is possible with Pierre Habouzit greylisting
> system...Pierre?

it is, and it's not.

the historical way to perform greylist is to do it on a per user basis, 
answering your 200/400 answers to each RCPT TO command.

so basically, the greylister could know he should not greylist some 

 (1) many broken MTA do not understand that you give a 400 to some
     RCPT's and not others, and have erratic behaviours that may result
     - many resents of the same mail for the people that do not use
     - delay even for the one that do not user greylisting
 (2) "modern" greylisting usually do it at DATA now (I mean at the DATA
      command, where the smtpd usually anser sth like:
      321 please end your command with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> or sth
      similar), because it makes checks beeing done only once.

but basically, what I've suggested alread some time ago, is not to 
refine the greylisting method, here you can use whatever greylister you 
want, with whatever customization you need/want. I just suggested to do 
conditionnal greylisting, the rest is up to the greylister you use, 
really. everything is possible.
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