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Re: Challenge: Binary free uploading

This one time, at band camp, Wouter Verhelst said:
> All that being said, I'm not convinced doing sourceless uploads is
> actually a good idea. It's been proposed in the past, but I've never
> seen arguments that convinced me it would be a good idea. The difference
> with this idea is that you could set it up so that the original binary
> upload would be done out of your source repository, which would then
> do a sourceful upload to ftp-master which in turn would trigger builds
> on other architectures; that way, you wouldn't bother other
> architectures with untested builds.
> But we'll still have issues.
> For starters, we'd need a *lot* of hardware to be able to do all these
> builds. Many of them will fail, because there *will* be people who will
> neglect to test their builds, and they will hog the machine so that
> other people (who do test properly) have to wait a long time for their
> build to happen.

Why not just require binary uploads, and then chuck the binary away?
Then we are where we are today (someone managed to get the thing to
build at least once), but all debs are built from source on the buildd's.
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