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Re: Bug#376521: ITP: kwlan -- wpasupplicant frontend for KDE


> As a user: can we please try to have wireless network profiles etc. stored
> as far away from the gui as possible?  No need for the commandline, gnome,
> KDE, xfce and gnustep wireless applets have their own set of stored
> profiles, when they're using the same backend logic anyway...

That's right. Currently there are two reasons why wpa_profiles are not stored 
in the default wpa_configuration files and why there are additional 
configuration files:
* wpa_supplicant uses global files so you cannot define profiles per 
user, which in my oppinion is a drawback
* wpa_supplicant has no options in it's config files for static ip 
addresses, name servers etc. I would like to be able to configure dns 
searchlists, non-default routes etc.

Upstream author of kwlan will be happy to change kwlan's behavior if you have 
a better solution for this.



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