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ITP: kwlan -- wpasupplicant frontend for KDE

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Fathi Boudra <fboudra@free.fr>

* Package name    : kwlan
  Version         : 0.4.7
  Upstream Author : Thomas Michel <tom.michel@arcor.de>
* URL             : http://home.arcor.de/tom.michel
* License         : dual licensed GPL-2 and BSD license
  Description: wpasupplicant frontend for KDE

 Kwlan is a wireless lan manager for KDE. It uses wpasupplicant to connect
 to wireless networks. It allows to configure different network profiles using
 all encryptions wpasupplicant provides (wep, wpa, wpa2 etc). Systray icon
 shows connection status.

  * Scan for available networks
  * Configure WPA Supplicant network profiles
  * Systray icon displays connection status
  * Dynamic or static IP address configuration

 It is based on wpa_gui by Jouni Malinen <jkmaline@cc.hut.fi>



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