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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 02:39:00AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> In fact, broken servers which don't obey MX will _already_ fail:
> [ demonstration that debian.org doesn't accept RCPT TO @debian.org ]

The issue isn't whether MTA's check against MX or A records, it's 
whether they check the IP that connected to them vs check MX records. 
Unless Debian's MTA's are setup to relay outbound mail via the 
debian.org IP, I don't see how this is relevant.

(I make no claim which of the above setups are actually employed---I 
simply pointed out the connect-to-sender's-IP scheme TB mentioned is 
broken on its own, independant of greylisting.)

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