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Re: Debian Bug Tracking System

la, 2006-07-08 kello 01:02 +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf kirjoitti:
> If I need to subscribe to a bug I can't use the web interface.
> The answer you might give is, "Oh! Send am email to
> NNN-subscribe@bugs.debian.org"
> Can't we have an interface to allow subscribing to a bug through the web
> interface just like Bugzilla does?

Debian as a project, meaning most active developers, have a preference
towards an e-mail based bug tracking system. This means, for example,
that there is no need to manage yet another web site account.

It would not be impossible to add a Bugzilla-like web interface to the
Debian BTS, but nobody has done it yet. The best way to make it happen
is to do it; asking others to do it hasn't worked before.

Those who do, decide.

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