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Re: Poor quality of multipath-tools

* John Goerzen (jgoerzen@complete.org) wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 02:39:16PM +0300, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> > Not always true. Both paths can be active at the same time.. if supported by
> > the SAN array. Then you do also load balancing between the paths..
> Quite true, though my impression is that this is much more rare.  Our
> controller (HP MSA1500cs) seems to have added active/active controllers
> as a recent option.

Just another 'me too', I've got a nice IBM SAN at work (DS4300) and we
use the multipath tools also.  They could certainly use some
improvement.  My main beef has been with multipathd...  I've never
actually seen it work correctly.

> I'm not really sure if multipath-tools supports active/active
> controllers, though.  Do you know?

I havn't got full active/active controllers, but my controllers each
have two ports, which go to each of my fibre switches, and then I've got
both controllers in the host hooked up to each switch, so in the end
there's 4 paths, 2 through each controller, so I load-balance across the
two paths through the same controller and that has worked fine in
general (once I could convince multipath to set the paths up correctly
in the kernel, that is).



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