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Re: Poor quality of multipath-tools

[John Goerzen]
> I'm quite concerned about the poor quality of multipath-tools.  This
> is an absolutely vital application for many, required to even get a
> machine to *boot*.

Well, I do not even know what multipath _is_, nor why it is important.
If that is representative, I suspect the people interested in
multipath have some work to do to raise the awareness of the problem.

This email is a very good start, but it seem to assume that everyone
know what multipart is and why it is important.  Is multipath machines
as common as the ppc64 machines, or is the problem affecting a lot of

> I am gravely concerned, though, about the lack of attention this
> package is receiving.  Does anyone intend to give it some TLC
> anytime soon?

Perhaps you could give it some tender loving care, and talk to the
people maintaining the affected packages using IRC and email, and
hopefully get them to realize why they should fix it in time for
etch. :)

I suspect you might wait in wane if you expect someone else to do
it. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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