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Re: BTS tag proposal "faq"

Osamu Aoki wrote:

> But when this happens on "stable", I feel not kind to mark those bug
> report as "wontfix".  In many cases, it is FAQ and the answer is hidden
> under obscure location.  I am not native speaker of English but the word
> "wontfix" certainly makes me think of ... "I do not give a d--m".

Yes, that is exactly how it sounds to me.

> Can we have tag like "faq" which we can use to indicate there is answer.
> Then BTS should count them as non-bug and they are best listed below
> normal bugs below wishlist.  We should give solution to the problem when
> we tag them as "faq".

In my opinion something like "notbug" would be more suitable in this
situation. Either the answer is in FAQ, or a user simply has false
expectations is not that important.

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