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BTS tag proposal "faq"

When I encounter user configuration issues reported to BTS, I try to
close it by documenting it in README.Debian.

This works fine for "unstable".

But when this happens on "stable", I feel not kind to mark those bug
report as "wontfix".  In many cases, it is FAQ and the answer is hidden
under obscure location.  I am not native speaker of English but the word
"wontfix" certainly makes me think of ... "I do not give a d--m".

Can we have tag like "faq" which we can use to indicate there is answer.
Then BTS should count them as non-bug and they are best listed below
normal bugs below wishlist.  We should give solution to the problem when
we tag them as "faq".

This way, we have good record of FAQ accumulated on BTS.

What do you all think?


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