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Why is procps procps.sh in init.d?

  I've been looking at bug #343620 where /etc/init.d/procps.sh should
not exit out. I can see why this could cause problems.

However, while I can see that bug #52228 asks for procps to be sourced, 
I can see no good reason for doing so.

Isn't the whole point of the /etc/init.d/<whatever>.sh files to setup
environment variables for subsequent init scripts.

The procps init script sets kernel variables, when you remove all the
stuff what it basically does is 
/sbin/sysctl -p 

Which sets the kernel variables found at /etc/sysctl.conf 

Is there any good reason keeping it like that, it appears to be it
would be best to make it /etc/init.d/procps

 - Craig
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