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Re: *-doc package should not gzip PDF file

On Saturday 24 June 2006 14:35, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> For architecture: all *-doc packages, there is no technical and
> practical reason to gzip *.pdf file.  I agree.  packages are gziped so
> package size d nt change.  We do it just because of policy and bcause
> helper script is written such way as I said.
> If anyone wants this to be fixed following should happen.
> * Write a patch to the debhelper gzip text/pdf/ps file logic
>    - do not compress if the package is *-doc and file extension is pdf.
>    - possibly even avoid compressing if the result of compression gain
>      less than **% (10% ?? or 1KB) of size.

debhelper is already smart enough... what is wrong with --exclude (-X.pdf) 
option of dh_compress ?

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