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Re: Why does doc packages need to contain gzipped files?

Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> wrote:
> My point is that if I choose to install a doc packages I intend to use
> it frequently and would therefore like that it is user friendly rather
> than that one has squeezed some few kilobytes out by gzipping files. If

Agreed. Particularly since the saving isn't sooo big at all.
On my - of course, not representative - workstation an uncompressed
doc/ tree takes only about a third more space (and this includes all
the ChangeLogs, READMEs etc. shipped with each package).

root@darkside:~# du -sh /usr/share/doc
839M    /usr/share/doc
root@darkside:~# cp -ia /usr/share/doc /var/tmp
root@darkside:~# cd /var/tmp/doc
root@darkside:/var/tmp/doc# find . -type f -name \*.gz -print0 | xargs -0 gzip -d
gzip: ./kernel-package/Rationale already exists;        not overwritten
gzip: ./kernel-package/HOWTO-Linux-2.6-Woody already exists;    not overwritten
gzip: ./gcc-4.1-base/.changelog.Debian.gz has 1 other link  -- unchanged
gzip: ./gcc-4.1-base/changelog.Debian.gz has 1 other link  -- unchanged
root@darkside:/var/tmp/doc# du -sh .
1,3G    .

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