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xserver-i810 killed by xrandr


this is my first attempt to fix a bug in a big programm like the x system is.
Currently I'm feeling a little bit overextended by the size of the source code
and the dependencies of different packets. I hope you can give me some hints,
where to begin my search.

'xrandr -s 1' kills my xserver. I wrote a bug report (371144), providing
further information about the problem. I wanted to localize what happens. 
Today I downgraded to xserver-xorg-video-i810=1:, everything is
working fine with this version. Upgrading to 1: or 1: brings
the problem back.

Diffing the sources it gives me about 33000 lines of difference:
| $ diff -r xserver-xorg-video-i810- xserver-xorg-video-i810- | wc -l
| 33664

I wanted to localize the part of the driver, that causes the crash. Is there
any possibility to compile and install the packet exactely the same way like
the original debian packet is but including debug symbols and run the xserver
manually in a debugger? Is there a better way to find the relevant part? How
should I begin my work?

Thanks for comments!

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