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Re: dxpc in sid and ready for backports, FYI

* Jay Berkenbilt (qjb@debian.org) wrote:
> For the small handful of people use dxpc (differential X protocol
> compressor, a useful tool for running X over slow network connections
> even including dialup), you should be aware that I have just uploaded
> 3.9.0-1 to sid.  Version 3.9.0 is not runtime compatible with older
> versions of because of non-compatible changes to the protocol.  I have
> a version ready to upload to backports.org which I will upload as soon
> as 3.9.0 hits testing.  In the mean time, if you use dxpc, please be
> aware that the next upload will break compatibility with dxpc running
> on older systems.

That information is a very good candidate for a NEWS.Debian file. 

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