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Re: Move to python 2.4 / Changing the packaging style for python packages


> > 1. It won't build under python2.4.  I have fixes for this that I haven't
> >    uploaded (and that need some more testing and tidying up).
> You may still ask for help.

This will be easy enough to have ready by the time 2.3 is removed, which
I'm assuming is not happening tomorrow.  Where I'd love the help is with
the python2.4 decompilation (see below).

> > 2. It won't decompile python2.4 bytecode.  This will be somewhat harder
> >    to fix (and I haven't done it yet).
> If it is not able to decompile recent python version, then it is a kind
> of useless one.

Well, it's certainly useful at the moment since python2.3 is the default,
and I claim it's still useful even after python2.3 is dropped -- just
because debian changes the default python doesn't mean all your old bytecode
disappears.  One of the more important uses of this software is for
repairing things in an emergency (e.g., rm *.py, oops), which is why I
want to keep it around.

> Python 2.4 is out since a while, what are upstream plans for their software ?

Upstream went commercial back in the 2.2 days.  The debian packages
forked and essentially became the de-facto upstream source when 2.3
decompilation was introduced, and it's still that way now.


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