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Re: Move to python 2.4 / Changing the packaging style for python packages


> With the upcoming releases of the last packages which
> didn't support 2.4 yet (Plone on the Zope application server) we may
> be able to drop support for 2.3 in sid and etch as well.

For reference, decompyle still needs python2.3.  There are two issues:

1. It won't build under python2.4.  I have fixes for this that I haven't
   uploaded (and that need some more testing and tidying up).

2. It won't decompile python2.4 bytecode.  This will be somewhat harder
   to fix (and I haven't done it yet).

Issue #2 is not really relevant to dropping python2.3, since keeping
python2.3 around is not going to help the fact that people will be
wanting to decompile bytecode for the new default python2.4.

Issue #1 is a problem however, so if there are plans to drop 2.3 for
etch, I'd be very happy for a rough timeframe so I know when this all
needs to be dealt with.


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