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Re: CDBS and dh_install

also sprach Jean Parpaillon <artefact@altern.org> [2006.06.12.0931 +0200]:
> Uhhh,
> I did not want to launch such a big discussion :-)

Then you should not have written to debian-devel. :)

> - I first used a simple "rules" script, because I can not imagine
> using a wrapper while not knowing the system it is around.
> - But now, I use CDBS because it is much simpler to follow the
> policies with it, and to have "good practices", ie using
> *.install, *.dirs, etc. files.

Those files are debhelper files; you don't need to use CDBS to use

> To conclude, I will use CDBS because :
> - I know how to write a package without it
> - and there are no hacks in the packaging.

Fine. Your choice. Hopefully I never have to step in to help out
with your package.

also sprach Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> [2006.06.12.1051 +0200]:
> > Is Debhelper our C and CDBS our C++?
> CDBS is to debhelper as XSLT (or prolog) is to C (or another procedural 
> language).


also sprach Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> [2006.06.12.1138 +0200]:
> Not in that length. The template question used by most AMs is:
>   Write a small shell script which does the following two things: 
>      a. prints whether a Debian package archive file has a copyright file
>         in the appropriate location.
>      b. prints out the package version from the control file which is
>         inside the .deb.
>      You may use tar, ar, grep, etc., but not any middle or high-level
>      dpkg tools.

Neither of these tests show whether the candidate can build a source
package without helpers.

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