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Re: CDBS and dh_install

I did not want to launch such a big discussion :-)

Here is my opinion (this is my first packages for Debian, and people on
debian-mentors know it has not been easy to follow the whole policy ;-)

- I first used a simple "rules" script, because I can not imagine using
a wrapper while not knowing the system it is around.
- But now, I use CDBS because it is much simpler to follow the policies
with it, and to have "good practices", ie using *.install, *.dirs, etc.
- I can use CDBS because the upstream sources are standards. Moreover,
I'm upstream devel too and I can easily fix issues in upstream rather
than writing hacks in the Debian sources.

To conclude, I will use CDBS because :
- I know how to write a package without it
- and there are no hacks in the packaging.


Le 10.06.2006 10:03, Loïc Minier a écrit :
> On Fri, Jun 09, 2006, martin f krafft wrote:
>> This is my opinion and others will disagree:
>> Please don't. CDBS is a major pain to use for those who didn't
>> (co-)author it. It's just too much about obfuscation.
>  Yeah, I and others we disagree!  :)
>  CDBS makes maintenance of some packages damn easy: most changes are
>  done in debian/* files, where they belong.
>  Here's some piece of pure statistics, completely biased by the fact all
>  sources come from the same project:
>  - we have 84 GNOME "desktop" packages
>  - 71 of these are CDBS
>  - they have an average debian/rules length of 18 lines (empty lines
>    included, 13 lines if you exclude empty lines)
>  Of course, the shortest code is not necessarily the easiest to read,
>  but I don't consider these lines to be obfuscated either.  They might
>  be CDBS specific though, and require some CDBS understanding to parse.
>  My "feeling" is that CDBS works best with upstream tarballs following a
>  standard layout.  CDBS pushes us into storing meta-information about
>  the Debian packaging in separate files (debian/*.install,
>  debian/*.examples, debian/*.docs).  (Yes, this is an indirect
>  consequence of debhelper being well thought.)
>  The debian/rules ends up storing the _delta_ between what a normal
>  package would do and what is needed for this particular package.
>  But I understand CDBS can be slightly dangerous in subtle cases, and
>  difficult to grasp the first time you encounter CDBSized packages.
>  It's an useful evil.

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