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Re: CDBS and dh_install

This one time, at band camp, Jean Parpaillon said:
> Hi,
> I want to migrate my package (wormux) to CDBS.
> In the <package>.install files, path are not prefixed by "debian/tmp" so
> the building fail.
> It seems that I can correct this in 2 ways:
> - either I prefix the paths with debian/tmp
> - or I can set a special variable (DEB_DESTDIR, am I right ?) to debian/tmp
> Why do the default behaviour of dh_install is not to get files in
> 'debian/tmp' ? And am I right with my solutions ?

I think cdbs looks at your debian/compat level for where to install the
files.  For recent compat levels, it wants to install to
debian/$package.  I am not sure of the solution, but it may just be
simplest to migrate to the new directory location.
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