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How to properly move a file from a .deb to another one ?

Hi folks,

This is probably a louzy and obvious question, but I'm trying to fix a package error (files moved from a .deb to another one).

When upgrading two packages (A and B) to the new version, dpkg is having some troubles, because some files from the new package A were actually in the old package B.

Hence, to solve this small issue, I added Replaces: and Conflicts: lines in A control file, to (1) tell the scripts that some file replacement will occur on B files and (2) not to let the two packages "new A" and "old B" coexist.

Everything is fine.. exept that dpkg is trying (while removing the previous B version) to delete non-emprt dirs

upgrading A..
	removing previous A files
	overwriting some previous B files: OK (Replaces: works)
upgrading B..
	removing previous B files
		ERROR: can not remove some directories because they are not empty (added by A installing)

The problem is that the B removal attempts to delete dierctories that are now the "property" of A.

Am I missing something ?

(FYI, the conflicting packages are webhttrack and httrack-doc, in the main section, from version 3.40.4 (SID) to version 3.41.6 (<http://debian.httrack.com/dists/unstable/main/source/>), fixing BUG 367219) 


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