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Re: Conflict field for logical conflicts?


Jörg Sommer wrote:
> should I set in package jed a conflict on a package jed-extra if
> jed-extra enhances jed, but jed has changed its API and now jed-extra is
> useless, i.e. it must be updated. jed-extra and jed can be installed at
> the same time without harm, but jed-extra does not enhance jed anymore,
> because it's not (directly) accessable from jed.
> It's like a new API in firefox and the firefox-webdeveloper extension.
> Should firefox declare a conflict on all extensions if the API changes or
> is this a problem of the extension package?
> Should an entry in the conflict field describe such a logical conflict or
> only a conflict on the package/library level which prevents the packages
> can't be installed?

AIUI it's a problem with jed-extra and should be solved there. I suggest to
update jed-extra to the new jed API or at least file a bug requesting this

The thing you tried to express in jed's dependencies could be expressed
easier and more correctly in jed-extra's dependencies:

Depends: jed (<= ${last_compatible_version})


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