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Re: CDBS and dh_install

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Hmmm, that sounds weird to my ears as Peter is currently working with
> myself, Steve Langasek and Noèl Köthe on the samba packages...and this
> team work works pretty well.

Sounds very strange to me.

I reviewed his first upload, found a regression (not in the feature
because it was new, but in the global CDBS expected behavior), he
refused to admit it was important, and then did everything on his
own. He finaly accepted to give public access to the repository recently
after several people complained on the list. And moreover, he decided to
anihilate the documention changelog, which issue had to be moved to
-policy before he accepted to resurect it.

Some of these issues have public writings on the list.

> There has even been some situations where some of us (ok, mostly Steve
> who is very good at argumenting things when he disagrees) disagreed
> with Peter's choices and Peter happily reverted them.

He is acting as a lonesome cowboy with CDBS. And i think this now
important package (as it is now widely used), MUST be
comaintained. Other people in the team are not responsible since more
than a year, so he is really alone.

> So, I suspect some misunderstanding somewhere and I'm having hard
> times buying the fast that Peter Eisentraut is completely refusing
> team work. I'd suggest trying again, indeed.

No, i won't try anymore by myself, it is useless, he does not care. But
if your could ask him to express his problem with me or with
comaintainance clearly, i'd be happy to know where is the blocking
point. As you are getting on well with him, i'd be glad if you could

Until this is solved, i'm still maintaining my original version, since
more people use it than the one in the package, but this is not an ideal

Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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