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Re: CDBS and dh_install

#include <hallo.h>
* Manoj Srivastava [Fri, Jun 09 2006, 02:02:48PM]:
> On 9 Jun 2006, Christoph Berg said:

> > This is also my impression. CDBS might be nice to automate the task
> > "make a .deb out of this Gnome source", but imho it completely fails
> > when you want to deviate from the "standard" in any way.
>         I am surprised to hear you say so, since CDBS is one of the
>  most configurable build systems out there. You can add commands to
>  any phase of the build, by just adding targets/dependencies/variables. 

Oh, really? The last time I tried to add a custom command to the install
rule (well, >> 1 year ago) it was a real PITA. Docs have not told me how
it works, docs have not told me in an understandable language how to add
extensions, and after trying to find a proper way to insert a command by
myself, I gave up and threw it away.

So I have to agree with Martin here.

> > CDBS hides what it's going on while building the package. It is very 
> > hard to see what it does, and if you are a newcomer, it is next to
> > impossible to actually learn anything from using it. (And the syntax
> > is very ugly.)
>         Very subjective. I mean, heavens, cdbs is just a make file,
>  and we all have some need to know how make works, as opposed to
>  learning python/Perl/ruby or whatever other languages a helper
>  package may be written in.

Choice of language is not an excuse. You can write a lot of ugly things
with Makefiles.

> > Again, I'm fine if you use CDBS for your package, but please never
> > recommend it to any new maintainer.
>         Why would this not apply to any other helper packages as well?

Because there is documentation telling what is going behind the scenes?
Like understandable manpages for every debhelper command.


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