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Re: unstable? nah. :-)

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
> > That production server has been running debian/unstable since it's inception
> > in january of 2004, with dselect updates happening every couple of days. It
> > was running apache, postfix, mysql, mydns. Despite being "unstable", there
> > was never a problem that resulted in more than a couple of minutes' downtime
> > during updates.

> > Go debian!!!!!

> That rocks.  What did the machine do?  (I want to forward this email
> to a Windows admin friend of mine.)

	It was the primary webserver for http://www.yi.org/ , a free
dyanamic DNS provider and domain registration service. It also hosted
several of my friend's websites, running phpbb and movable type. As of a few
weeks ago, the last few straggling websites have been ported over to the new
server (libertas.crackerjack.net) in montral, which incidentally also now
hosts a debian mirror, a CPAN mirror, and http://cpants.perl.org/ .

	I moved the server because wedohosting.com's bandwidth fees were
getting prohibitive (i'm with iweb.ca now).. otherwise I would have been
happy to have it continue running for another few thousand days. :-)


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