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Re: NMU procedure and /usr/bin/nmudiff defaults

* Junichi Uekawa [Mon, 05 Jun 2006 07:36:43 +0900]:

> I don't think there is much harm in opening a new NMU bug.

No, there isn't. Plus has been the right way for years, AIUI, and
dev-ref explicitly mentions it.

> How about taking a command-line option so that it will add to the
> bugreport when a number is given, and open up a new report if none is
> given?

There is no need to specify the bug number, since it can be extracted
from the changelog. The question is whether the option shall be --new,
so the default is to send the diff to the fixed bug(s) (my patch), or it
should be --no-open instead, thus defaulting to opening a new bug.

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