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Re: Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

        And, to the people who have trouble distinguishing between
 paying for a passport and purchasing an ID, while I have had to pay
 for all my official identity documents, merely paying would not have
 got me one -- there were background checks,

There were none at all in my case, as outlined above. Austrian passports can not, IMHO, be trusted because of this.

If my own country does not do proper checks, maybe others don't, either.

Bottom line is that you can't trust *any* kind of ID, because it might be either faked or issued negligently. I don't see where the difference is between a passport and a TR ID card.

I build trust in RL based on people and their behavior, not on ID's. Maybe all my friends are living under a fake name... I do not know nor care.

As long as the work signed with a particular key is in order, everything is fine - why chase names?


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