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Re: Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

On 26 May 2006, Christian Pernegger told this:

>> Stop signing keys for Debian developers, since purchased ID's are 
> acceptable in this community? ;)
> There's a difference between 'purchase' and 'pay for' in this
> context. I have always had to pay for any kind of ID card, be it
> passport, citizen's ID or student ID. You make it sound like he
> bought a *forged* ID, which I'm not sure he did.
> The question should be who issued the ID, what checks were
> performed, and do you trust the issuing entity and/or their checks.
> In this case the issuer was not affiliated with any government body,
> but they did check his passport before issuing the card. Should you
> therefore not trust it? I'm not so sure.

        Only if we take the word of someone who was trying to subvert
 the keysigning to belavour the obvious that it is easy to get people
 to sign using purchased ID's. How do you know the claim about the
 check was not another "test" to see if he can get away with this?
 And there are all kinds of people who just hand over an ID, no
 questions asked, for the appropriate amount of money.

        And, to the people who have trouble distinguishing between
 paying for a passport and purchasing an ID, while I have had to pay
 for all my official identity documents, merely paying would not have
 got me one -- there were background checks, (Indian police in all
 the places I had lived in, the FBI and the CIA, etc) -- and no
 documents would have been issued if any of the checks failed.

        One can purchase an ID merely by having the right contacts and
 sufficient money -- which is a different kettle of fish altogether.

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