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Re: Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
>         It has come to my attention that Martin Kraff used an
>  unofficial, and easily forge-able, identity device at a large key
>  signing party recently.  This was apparently to belabour the obvious
>  point that large KSP's are events where it is hard to reasonably
>  check. in a large international KSP, anything beyond matching
>  pictures/names/expiry dates, especially after an hour or so after
>  starting.
>         Presenting essentially a fake ID is an act of bad faith that
>  leads one to wonder how many of the other key signing parties he has
>  attended did he present a false ID?
>         I will not be signing his keys, ever, based on this action of
>  what I consider to be bad faith.  Based on discussion with other
>  people who seem to find this action amusing, but not unacceptable, I
>  find that my decision to vaive my personal requirements of two forms
>  of ID was probably a mistake, and I am probably not going to be
>  signing any of the keys.

Who actually has two forms of government issued picture ID[not counting
a passport which I never take anywhere unless I really need to since it
is really bad to lose it and doesn't fit in a wallet, not to mention my
passport photo isn't a very good likeness being 9 years old whereas my
license only last 4 years]?

Travis Crump[not a DD, nor have I been to a keysigning]

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