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Re: Please revoke your signatures from MartinKraff's keys

On Saturday 27 May 2006 11:34, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 07:03:27PM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > On Friday 26 May 2006 13:40, Joe Smith wrote:
> >> Apparently the US makes it very clear that US Citizens are not to
> >> be pestered at customs "OR ELSE".
> >
> > If only that were true.  The Americans give me hell.
> Joe probably meant "pestered by non-USA customs".

No, that's not the case, the US doesn't really give a damn what happens to you 
once you're outside the country or how customs treats you in foreign 
countries.  The US State Department so much as says this.

> > Canada practically waves me through.  Last time I drove back to
> > Oregon, US customs decided that it was appropriate to violate the
> > rights the US constitution claims I have
> The US constitution applies only to USA citizens, right? You say you
> are not US-ian, only Oregonian. So doesn't apply to youN? >:-)

Well, until Oregon gains independence, it's an awkward situation.  It's not 
like the border guard had any way to know I'm for the Oregon Territory's 
independence or cede to Canada.  Given this was at the Washington/BC line, 
it's not impossible that the border guard only did that job for the money and 
had similar sentiments.

> (The fact that most of the constitution is not applied to foreign
> national is more a shame than something to be proud of for USA-ians.)

The fact that the constitution does not apply to it's own nationals is 
something America should be ashamed of.

Paul Johnson
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