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Re: Request for key signing in Shanghai

This one time, at band camp, Thomas Goirand said:
> Hello!
> Is there somebody in Shanghai from Debian able to check my ID and sign
> my key? If there is none, is there somebody in Singapore, where I might
> be able to go? I wouldn't be able to go in Hongkong (because of visa
> problems) where I could see there was somebody available.

I don't know off hand.  The list (probably slightly outdated) of people
offering key signing is at https://nm.debian.org/gpg_offer.php

> I think we (at GPLHost) did work valuable enough to interest people
> using Debian for web hosting, and I'd like to enter as a Debian
> developer. I know there would be some more work for our package to enter
> Debian, but I'm ready (and I have the time) for it.

In order to maintain a single package, you don't really need to be a
Debian developer.  It is quite possible to work with sponsored uploads,
and many people do quite well with that arrangement.  I am not trying to
discourage you, just pointing out that you may not need to jump through
as many hoops as you think just to participate.

Take care,
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