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Re: Request for key signing in Shanghai

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Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Thomas Goirand said:
>> Hello!
>> Is there somebody in Shanghai from Debian able to check my ID
>> and sign my key? If there is none, is there somebody in
>> Singapore, where I might be able to go? I wouldn't be able to
>> go in Hongkong (because of visa problems) where I could see there
>> was somebody available.
> I don't know off hand.  The list (probably slightly outdated)
> of people  offering key signing is at
> https://nm.debian.org/gpg_offer.php

It's a shame it's not up-to-date. Is there somewhere it's more accurate?

I've seen it, and that's why I said there was nobody in Shanghai. In
fact I was very surprised that there was nobody in China, as half of the
world population is in China...

Also, if I've post here, it's because I don't want to wait years until
one of the registered developers come over here. Anyway, if one of you
wants to come and visit, I can offer a nice bedroom for few nights (for
you and your wife/gf). :)

Will there be somebody around in Paris or in Florida this summer for
signing my key??? (I might travel there...)

> In order to maintain a single package, you don't really need to be a
> Debian developer.  It is quite possible to work with sponsored
> uploads, and many people do quite well with that arrangement.  I
> am not trying to discourage you, just pointing out that you may
> not need to jump through as many hoops as you think just
> to participate.
> Take care,

I have a lot more than one package to have uploaded. Maybe 10 already.
mod_log_sql, sbox, dtc, mysqmail (which is made of 6 packages), etc...

Also, it's often updated, and I wouldn't like to depend on somebody to
have it uploaded. Of course, I'd be (more than) happy if one of you had
the time to work with us, but I don't think there will be one as I've
been trying for quite long already to catch the attention of a sponsor
for uploading.

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