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Re: sending debian-private postings to gmail

Ian Jackson wrote:


> But it seems clear that Gmail's processing isn't compatible with
> debian-private.
> A Debian developer should cause debian-private to be processed only as
> is necessary for providing developers with good and convenient access
> to the mailing list.  They should not cause debian-private to be
> distributed to computers whose owners and operators cannot be expected
> to refrain from processing the content in other ways.

I'm not one of the people you are accusing, but I have to comment.  The
phrase I underline above applies to *any* computer that is not under
direct control of the Debian developer.  If you are sufficiently
paranoid, you could argue that any ISP might be subpoenaed at any time
for the contents of someone's mailbox, some rogue admin of the ISP might
decide to read customers' email, or even that someone might be sniffing
SMTP traffic on the net.

Taken to extremes, this implies that (1) DD's should only receive mail
sent to boxes under their own control and (2) all mail passing through
debian-private should, for each subscriber to the list, be encrypted
individually to the public key on file for her/him.

Come to think of it, (2) isn't a bad idea.  Is it feasible for this to
be done transparently?  Mailing list admins, any comments?


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