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Re: sending debian-private postings to gmail

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Taken to extremes, this implies that (1) DD's should only receive mail
> sent to boxes under their own control and (2) all mail passing through
> debian-private should, for each subscriber to the list, be encrypted
> individually to the public key on file for her/him.
> Come to think of it, (2) isn't a bad idea.  Is it feasible for this to
> be done transparently?  Mailing list admins, any comments?

I think that Nick Moffitt ran a mailing list with mailman for a while
that operated like this. Should be even easier for -private since we
have all potential subscribers' gpg keys on file already.

It would, however, probably be difficult to read such a mailing list in
gmail. ;-)

see shy jo

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