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Re: Sun Java available from non-free


On Monday 22 May 2006 13:35, you wrote:
> They won't sue us for distributing Java. If they do, all we have to do
> is point the Judge to the press coverage of this change of license, and
> to the fact that Debian was mentioned as one of the distributors asked
> to please distribute Java. They won't have a case.
> Try as I might, and considering how lawyers and judges are human beings
> and not automatons, I can't see any realistic scenario in which we could
> be sued and lose a case in relation to this license. Do you?

While I understand your argument about Sun asking for this, and even found it 
serious, please do not argue the judges are human being after all...
Judges aply law, and that what they are meant for. If there is a law which 
could be used against the project, then the judge has to apply it, no matter 
how 'human' he is...

Now come the strong point about your argument: appart from quoting from the 
press, do you have an offical request from Sun to please distribute Java in 

If yes, then it is true that it would be very difficult to argue against the 
project in a court. But I fear that press cover is not enough, since it does 
not have an offical mean, and you might even find articles that would claim 
false things..


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