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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 12:34:00PM -0500, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> In that case, ftpmasters accepted it, end of discussion. You HAVE to
> accept decisions of delegates within Debian, that's how we can effectively
> work. 

But that means that ALL delegates have to be either elected or appointed
by some elected representants.

> If you really fear legal problems, then you should work with Sun to see if
> you can reword the license so that it better matches the FAQ which gives us

What a srewed logic.

> currently all the warranties that we need. We can terminate the license as
> soon as Sun starts bothering us with non-FAQ-conforming interpretations of
> their license.

I doubt this would work. If Sun were to bother us it is too late because
we already distribute Java from our servers.

> Furthermore, doing a bit of Debian PR by having a timely announce of the
> new java license, is good for us too.

I'm afraid we will receive way more bad PR now because of this

> You're not interested in that. "graceful manner" means you want ftpmasters
> to agree with you. They won't. And I don't.

It's kind of strange seeing you decide what some other person is
interested in. 

> You're not facilitating it. People who managed that java upload did
> discuss with Sun and they probably know that this was the right first
> step. You have no idea of the internal lobbying that may be going on and
> you can't judge how to best achieve DFSG-freeness of java.

Before telling people they have no idea, how about explaining it and
sharing your insights? Either you have some, then you can, or you don't,
but then you should be a little bit more careful with your wording.

> PS: Yeah I'm a bit pissed of that we only have people criticizing when we
> do great things.

And I'm pissed of that so much seems to happen behind the scenes and I
as a normal developer who did not go to Mexico do not get the info even
if I ask, but instead people are just told to shut up.


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