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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

> the project by not consulting you first is so much bullshit, because *they*
> are the ones who bear the primary liability from distributing these
> packages, and other developers (as opposed to mirror operators) bear none at
> all.  They didn't ask you because Debian is not a democracy and random
> opinions on this decision *don't* matter.

Whow! Now that really hist me hard. First of al would you please explain
why it hurts only ftpadmins and not the project? If Sun was to sue
someone they certainly sue the project and not a single representative.

Second if Debian is no democracy what else is it???

Third we are not talking about "random opinions" but about an opinion
shared by a lot of people. And it still doesn't count? This is not the
project I used to work for for so long. 


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