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Re: alternatives and priorities

[Wouter Verhelst]
> Which, I'm sure, is important for popcon maintainers; however, I
> don't think it is very relevant in this discussion (unless you can
> point me towards an editor that is implemented as a library ;-)

The problem do not only affect libraries.  There are other packages
(with user applications) which show up with no votes, or with a very
low number of votes.  I have not investigated this in detail, but want
everyone looking at the vote numbers to be aware of the problems with

Heck, even the installation number have problems.  Just check out
showing that 99.72% of the machines reporting to popcon have popcon
installed.  I believe that when I figure out how the rest are
reporting to popcon.

(I suspect the last issue is a problem with corrupt dpkg data.)

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