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Re: Making init scripts use dash

On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 10:18:46AM +0200, Michal Čihař wrote:
> There are anyway users using dash as /bin/sh right now and broken
> packages are bugged, so switching default should not reveal any new bug

The policy says:
# If a script requires non-POSIX features from the shell interpreter, the
# appropriate shell must be specified in the first line of the script (e.g.,
# `#!/bin/bash')

It's a "must" clause, so the bugs should be RC.

> (however there are some not being fixed for a long time).

Upgrading their severity to a RC one tends to make the bugs getting fixed _a
lot_ faster, and in many cases is the only way to have them fixed at all.
Since the lame-but-guaranteed-to-work fix requires nothing but adding two
letters, I see little reason to leave them unfixed.

Besides, here's an idea:
let's make it karma-mandatory for debian-devel readers to have /bin/sh point
to foosh for sh!="ba".  The more people people use alternate shells, the
faster bugs are exposed.
And, you can't claim that the whole world uses bash.  OpenBSD has pdksh
there, {Free,Net}BSD got [d]ash.

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