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Re: Making init scripts use dash

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> "Margarita Manterola" <margamanterola@gmail.com> writes:
>> During some tests I've performed, I've found that making the init
>> scripts run with dash as default shell instead of bash makes the boot
>> time a 10% faster (6 seconds in a 60 second boot).
>> To make this speed up available to everyone, we have 2 main choices:
>> 1. Make /bin/sh point to /bin/dash
> That would mean having 2 shells since some scripts need bash. What a
> waste on small systems.

Not really a big waste:

benjo (sid)[8]:~% apt-cache show bash | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 1728
benjo (sid)[9]:~% apt-cache show libncurses5 | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 508
benjo (sid)[10]:~% apt-cache show dash | grep Installed-Size
Installed-Size: 164

Making dash Essential would only add 7.3% to the disk space already
taken up by bash and ncurses.  (Granted, libncurses5 is required by a
few other Essential things anyway -- specifically: util-linux,
ncurses-bin, and ncurses-base -- so the figure goes to 9.4% comparing
dash only to bash.)

This shows another reason in favor of eventually having dash be
Essential instead of bash: a savings of 1.7 MB disk space on a minimal
Debian system.


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