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Re: Bug#367962: Please don't ship a /lib64 symlink in the package on amd64

* Aurelien Jarno (aurelien@aurel32.net) wrote:
> The FHS is actually not very clear, as it says 64-bit libraries should 
> be in (/usr)/lib64, whereas system libraries should be in (/usr)/lib. 
> This is a contradiction for a pure 64-bit system.

The FHS is very clear about the path to the 64bit linker, and that goes
through /lib64, getting rid of that isn't an option.

> - I am not sure that creating the link in postinst will work. Creating 
> it in preinst looks safer to me.

I'd be a little nervous about creating it in postinst too, honestly.

> - If you can install files in (/usr)/lib64, the files will end up in 
> (/usr)/lib. And dpkg won't know anything about them. dpkg -S and other 
> tools won't work correctly.

Yeah, I'm not sure it really makes sense to need to install into both...
It would have been much more useful for you to include the *reasoning*
behind Goswin's request rather than just your reasons for not wanting to
do what he's asking.

> - If you have two packages providing the same files in (/usr)/lib and 
> (/usr)/lib64, then the files will be overwritten without warning. This 
> is IMHO not acceptable.

My guess is that his intent was actually to allow *seperate* packages to
install into either /lib or /lib64 on a package-by-package basis.  This
might resolve some bugs in packages which, when they detect they're
being compiled for amd64, default to installing into /lib64 instead of
/lib.  Personally I think that's something that just needs to be dealt
with and those packages should be fixed but that's my guess as to where
the question came from.  It's also possible a given package wants to
install some things in /lib64 (say, actual libraries) and other things
in /lib (say, helper programs, ala blah-config).

> Could you please give me your opinion on that, so that I can take a 
> decision?

The link itself certainly can't go away.  I'd be more inclined to say
"progams on a pure 64bit platform shouldn't install into /lib64" than to
have some things installing into /lib and others into /lib64.  Part of
this comes from the concern that this will bring out other bugs in
packages where having this distinction might cause overlaps as mentioned



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