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Bug#367962: Please don't ship a /lib64 symlink in the package on amd64

[Ccing: amd64 and dpkg developers as they are concerned by this subject]

Hi all,

[Short introduction to understand the problem]

I am asking here for help to take a decision. As some of you may know, on amd64, the main libraries are installed into (/usr)/lib, with (/usr)/lib64 being a symlink to (/usr)/lib, the symlink being shipped by libc6. This is necessary, because as the FHS defines (/usr)/lib64 as the libraries for 64-bit binaries, so some tools (and the linker), may search some file there.

The FHS is actually not very clear, as it says 64-bit libraries should be in (/usr)/lib64, whereas system libraries should be in (/usr)/lib. This is a contradiction for a pure 64-bit system.

The point of this thread is not to discuss about that. If you want to, please start a *new* thread.

[Let's come back to the subject]

Currently the (/usr)/lib64 -> /lib symlink is shipped in the libc6 package. Goswin von Brederlow asked for this link to be created in the postinst instead, so that packages could install files in both (/usr)/lib and (/usr)/lib64 directories.

I have concerns about that:
- I don't really want to add something specific to amd64 in postinst. But ok, that's not an argument. - I am not sure that creating the link in postinst will work. Creating it in preinst looks safer to me. - If you can install files in (/usr)/lib64, the files will end up in (/usr)/lib. And dpkg won't know anything about them. dpkg -S and other tools won't work correctly. - If you have two packages providing the same files in (/usr)/lib and (/usr)/lib64, then the files will be overwritten without warning. This is IMHO not acceptable.

Could you please give me your opinion on that, so that I can take a decision?


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