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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

Drew Parsons wrote:
> Brian displayed:
>> 2.  License Grant. ...
>>  (c) you do not combine, configure or distribute
>>     the Software to run in conjunction with any additional software
>>     that implements the same or similar functionality or APIs as the
>>     Software; 
> I am correct in understanding that this means bytecode (*.class)  generated using
> gcj -C is not permitted by this licence to be run using the Sun JVM?

Probably so.

Given the imperfect compatibility between gcj & Sun Java 1.5, can
you say whether the reason your Java app fails is because there's a
bug your app, there's a bug in gcj or in the Sun JRE?  Sun
reasonably doesn't want people blaming Sun Java for flaws in other

IANAL, but ISTM that it is up to the *user*, not Debian to enforce
clause 2(c).

After all, when I install it on my box, *I* am agreeing to the
license, not SPI, the DPL or the Debian Java Team.

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