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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

* Emmanuel le Chevoir:

> Florian Weimer a écrit :
>> * Jeroen van Wolffelaar:
>>> Official packages of Sun Java are now available from the non-free
>>> section of Debian unstable, thanks to Sun releasing[11 Java under a new
>>> license: the Operating System Distributor License for Java (DLJ)[2][3].
>> This license requires that we remove all other Java implementations
>> from the mirror network:
> That's not what I read.
> Quoting the FAQ[1]:

The FAQ claims to be irrelevant:

| Note: This FAQ is provided to help explain the Operating System
| Distributor License for Java; nothing in this FAQ is intended to amend
| the license, so please consult the license itself for the precise
| terms and conditions that actually apply.

Under German law, such a disclaimer isn't 100% effective, but I'm
under the impression that U.S. law is different.  And the license
claims to be governed by Californian law.

>  #|  8.  Does this license prevent me shipping any alternative
>  #|      technologies in my OS distribution?
>  #|
>  #|  The DLJ does not restrict you from shipping any other
>  #|  technologies you choose to include in your distribution.
>  #|  However, you can't use pieces of the JDK configured in
>  #|  conjunction with any alternative technologies to create
>  #|  hybrid implementations, or mingle the code from the JDK
>  #|  with non-JDK components of any kind so that they run
>  #|  together. It is of course perfectly OK to ship programs
>  #|  or libraries that use the JDK. Because this question has
>  #|  caused confusion in the past, we want to make this absolutely
>  #|  clear: except for these limitations on combining technologies,
>  #|  there is nothing in the DLJ intended to prevent you from shipping
>  #|  alternative technologies with your OS distribution.

Even if we read it very favorably, the FAQ seems to require that we
ensure, by testing or with technical means, that no package
accidentally or deliberately overrides parts of Sun's implementation.
This risk of conflict does exist because our users actually want to
use free software from "main" together with Sun's implementation, so
that implementation can't really be completely separated from the

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