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Re: Why not making /sbin/sendmail a mantadory component for mail operation?

"Roberto C. Sanchez" <roberto@familiasanchez.net> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> And how would that be any simpler than setting an smtp server for
>> reportbug? Setting up a fully usable MTA is more difficult than having
>> reportbug connect directly to bugs.d.o.
> I'm sorry, but that is just plain wrong.
> aptitude install postfix
> "What type of system?" answer: satellite
> provide hostname of ISP smarthost
> I imagine Exim is similarly simple.

Huh? What is a smarthost? Do I have one? Do I need one? Damn, my ISP
doesn't have a free smarthost, makes me pay extra for it and I don't
want to. (Yes T-online does that).

> The only thing I think is lacking is that if your ISP requires you to
> authenticate, the current postfix packages make it non-trivial to set
> this up.  I am not certain if Exim is the same.
> Also, it has been a while since I setup Postix in this manner, so I
> forget whether it asks you on which addresses to listen.  In any case,
> if the default were instead of, then even users
> without a firewall would be in reasonably good shape.

More and more stones in the way the unexperienced user can stumble on.

As a comparison look at the popularity-contest package. For a long
time that package did require an MTA and many people have complained
about it and couldn't use it. Now it also talks http.

Having reportbug not require a local MTA is a step in the right
direction. Someone writing a http POST gateway for it to report bugs
would be the next step in making it more universal.

> -Roberto


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