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Re: multiarch status update

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:

> Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>> honnestly, please find *ONE* application where alternatives can't
>> solve your problem, and where upstream design would still allow to
>> have both instances installed. I've though hard enough, and I've
>> found none.
> You might want to have, say, multiple installations of apache (because
> the 32 bit version uses PHP and you use a proprietary PHP plugin),
> while you want to serve DVD images with your 64 bit apache (since
> apache 2.2 isn't in unstable yet and so you need a 64 bit apache to
> handle > 2GB files on 32 bit platforms).
> Your point still holds though, applications where coinstallation is
> needed are rare and in those cases applications can either implement a
> solution themselves or tell the user to use /usr/local or ~.
> - tfheen

But those apaches have to run on different ports or they should
switch over seemlessly whenever the php plugin is used. So this needs
a certain amount of package adoption already. Lets just add the
alternatives there too.


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